Welcome to Tourfavor.com! You find us, you are ready to travel to China as a Chinese Native does!

What Tourfavor is?

Tourfavor – The China Travel Expert.

Ratified by National Tourism Administration, Tourfavor is a China Travel Expert to run the site mainly for overseas tourists travelling in China and It has been specialized in China tourism for        a  decade.  Tourfavor was founded by Chinese Navites who just love travelling China as you do, by now, it has help more than one hundred thousand overseas tourists who made their trip to   China.

Who We are?

We are the team who run this site and we are just the same as you, who loves travel to death. Among the team, there are Chinese natives who shares everything about China, and there are                 tourists, who just enjoy travelling to China as you will do. We aim to let you Enjoy China as Chinese native do and go beyond your imagination with unique experiences recommended by                   Chinese natives as well as overseas tourists.

What We offer

As a leading online tour operator, Tourfavor always strives for success and innovation. Relying on rich professional experience, leading network technology, and the advanced individual-          oriented managing concept. we will enable you:

  •  Connect with the most knowledgeable travel specialists for your vacation.
  •  Go beyond your imagination with unique experiences recommended by experts.
  •  Experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.

Among this site, you can easily :

  •   Get the up-to-date China Travel Guide and Sightseeing Review, so that you will never miss a bit.
  •   Get Your China Trip tailor made and well planed, so that you will travel like a Chinese Native do.
  •   Get Chinese Mandarin Enhanced, so that you will be a Chinese.

What Make us so unique?

  1. Ten year experience specialized in China tourism.
  2. Professional team formed by Chinese native and oversea tourist .
  3. 1-on-1 custom-tailor service.