Take Taxis in China

Compared to taxis in Western countries, taxis in China are relatively cheap. Again, make sure you write down your destination in Chinese since your chances of finding an English-speaking driver is slightly better than finding a Chinese-speaking driver in New York City (on a side note, Beijing has 5 times more taxis than NYC).

Though it varies from city to city, taxi rates are usually fixed for the first 3-5 kilometers, then somewhere around Y2-3 for each additional kilometer. Make sure they turn on their meter, otherwise get out immediately (See “Scams“). No need to tip either.

Another option is to hire a taxi for a half- or full-day. You’ll need to negotiate exactly how much you’re paying for a flat rate (for all passengers, not per-passenger!) and spell out where you want to go. As a very general guide, you might expect to pay about Y300-500 to hire a taxi for the day (as well as paying for your driver’s lunch).